Membership Criteria (Practitioner)

Membership Criteria for Organisations and other Institutions

Membership Criteria for Dental professionals:

In its second meeting, IDQA board and quality assurance committee has adopted the following membership criteria for Dental professionals*:
1. Be properly licensed.
2. Use reasonable skill, care and judgment.
3. Use standard drugs, materials and techniques.
4. Use standard precautions in the treatment of all patients.
5. Maintain patient confidentiality of all information.
6. Obtain and maintain patient medical and dental histories.
7. Make appropriate referrals; request consultations when warranted.
8. Maintain competence and knowledge in dentistry by keeping up with technology.
9. Do not exceed scope of practice.
10. Do not allow allied health members to practice outside assisting/hygiene scope of practice.
11. Complete dental care in a timely manner.
12. Refrain from use of experimental methods or procedures.
13. Obtain informed consent from patient or guardian before beginning examination or treatment.
14. Arrange for patient’s care during temporary absence.
15. Give sufficient instructions to patients.
16. Achieve reasonable treatment outcomes.
*Students must at least have completed 4 semesters (2 years) in the dental school to be able to join
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