IADQ is open to all. Dentist, dental surgeons, dental centres, universities, hospitals, companies, agencies, non-profit organisations and cooperative societies. It is the profession needs that provide the driving force and determine what we do. As an IADQ member, your company or organisation is able to join any of the technical committees you choose.

Membership criteria

Membership criteria are set to ensure that All members within IADQ  are committed to the mission, vision and values of the IADQ, as well as a steadfast belief in education, social responsibility, international development, and collaboration with other members and like-minded institutions.


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Membership benefits:

  • Chance to participate
    As a IADQ member, you, your company or organisation is entitled to participate in our Global Dental Quality Network, giving you access to advance information about developments and new standards in the dental practice and dental industrial field. By participating, you have the chance to establish valuable contacts with customers, as well as with other individuals, organisations, government agencies and others in your field.
  • Membership certificate
    Each member of IADQ obtains a certificate to confirm their membership yearly.
    This certificate will be send to you upon receiving the membership fees/ renewal fees.
  • Association Logo
    Manufacturers and service providers can apply to become members and obtain the right to have your logo on their product.
  • Meeting of the IADQ council
    When attending IADQ council meetings as a member, you play an important role in developing the organisation’s operations. Each member has a vote. By exercising this vote, your company or organization is able to influence IADQ’ general focus.
  • Participation in Volunteer and Appointed Committees
    Participating in IADQ Committees helps to shape the direction of the Association. Volunteer and Appointed Committees are open to all categories of membership. View a list of IADQ Committees.
  • Eligibility for the Mentoring Program
    The IADQ Mentoring Program gives members the opportunity to grow professionally by establishing a temporary partnership with another member, as a mentee, mentor or peer partner. A number of participants have found it useful to keep up the partnership on an informal basis after completing the program.
  • Attending IADQ conferences
    IADQ arranges a theme-based conference and all members are entitled to participate in this event for 50% discount of the regular charge.
  • Training in standardization
    As a member of IADQ, you have the possibility of participating free of charge in specific courses in standardization.
  • Membership discounts
    As a member of IADQ, you are entitled to discount when you are attending our workshops and buying our courses.
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